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What Are Causes of House Fires?

What Are Some Common Causes of House Fires?

Fires may start small but under the right conditions a fire can spread out of control in a matter of minutes and become catastrophic and tragic. A house fire is one of the worst things that can happen to any homeowner. It can literally wipe out all of your belongings. The best way to get yourself ready against its effects is to know the most common causes of it.

Fire Damage St. Louis – Causes

Pride Cleaning & Restoration has put together a list of the common causes associated with house fires:


Statistics show than about 40% of all fires that happened in homes are related to something that happened while cooking. This is not surprising since that would involve the use of furnaces and flames that can potentially cause fires. Unattended stoves, for instance, cause a lot of fires yearly.

So what can be done in order to prevent this kind of problem? Obviously, the best step in order to prevent it is to pay attention to all the cooking that is done at home. You should never leave the stove or any cooking implement running in the kitchen without anybody keeping a watchful eye.

Heating Devices

During the colder months we use a lot of heating inside out homes and most of the time we leave them running for very long periods. That can be a potentially dangerous practice. Fires can be started because of that.

The smartest way to prevent fires caused by heating systems is to make sure that your system is well-maintained and running properly. That would prevent you from having any problems with it.


Sometimes people who smoke fall asleep and forget about their cigars or cigarettes. While this may be an amusing story to tell in your family gatherings, there is a potential danger in that. A lighted cigarette can cause fires if you forget about it.

The best way to prevent fires caused by lighted cigarettes that have been forgotten is to stop smoking inside the house. That way, there would be a less likely chance of you forgetting about it.

Act Fast

Fires are the second leading cause of accidental death around the home you should know who to call if you ever have a fire. The unique behavior of smoke, fire restoration may be complex. It is important to have an experienced restoration team on your side.

Fast treatment will help reduce smoke and soot health hazards. Remember- Immediate action is important. Take action to minimize health hazards and reduce fire-related damage to your home or business. Put safety first: fire may cause damage to the structure, including short circuits in the electrical system while producing chemical hazards. Learn the safety rules to protect yourself and avoid injury or infection. Secure your property and personal belongings from further fire damage St. Louis.

Pride Cleaning & Restoration is the most comprehensive resource for fire damage services and recovery in St. Louis, MO

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Insurance for Mold Remediation St. Louis MO

Hiring a certified remediation contractor is not required but when it comes time to sell your home, you are required by law to disclose any mold incidences in your home including floods. If the work was done by a licensed certified Remediator, they should require a mold clearance test for the area. This gives your buyer proof that the work was done by a competent licensed remediator that deals with mold st. louis such as Pride Cleaning & Restoration.

Looking for Mold Removal St. Louis?

Another step to consider if you think there may be mold growing in your home or business’s building is to have a cleaning services company come out and perform mold testing St. Louis. If they find mold, they may need to have the mold sampled and tested. Once they have tested it, they can determine the proper mold remediation procedure.

The proper mold remediation procedure depends on the type of mold and the severity of an outbreak. Some outbreaks can be remedied by the use of simple household cleaners. Other minor outbreaks may even be solved by an increase of sunlight or ventilation. Larger outbreaks can be cured by adding non-porous building materials to reduce the chance mold will be able to grow back and attach itself to a surface. Major outbreaks may require drastic mold remediation, including the complete removal and rebuilding of the infected portion of the building.

Mold outbreaks can stop a business from producing and force closures of buildings if not properly handled. Removal of the mold outbreak is an important task in getting businesses back to its full operation and will require help from certified commercial cleaning services. Mold remediation can reduce the impact an outbreak may have on your business and the health of employees, clients and yourself. These services know how mold spreads and grows through spores and how they travel through air. They will take the time to properly test outbreaks to determine if a small clean up using common cleaners or a larger scale clean up is needed. If an outbreak is noticed, it is important to call a mold specialist as soon as possible for mold remediation.

Insurance & Mold Inspection St. Louis

A lot of home insurance companies have become exhausted from the tremendous claims arising from mold infestation. As such, there have been limits while others have excluded mold problems in their clauses. Majority of them are just offering insurance for water-related damages to properties such as those arising from bursting water pipes and flood. While homeowners can get help for these instances, new problems can arise after the water has subsided. Molds start to grow and reproduce rapidly.

With uncontrolled mold growth, house parts and the things inside start to fade their visual appeals. The mold population also contributes to foul odor inside the house while the spores pose threat to the inhabitants. According to medical experts, long-term exposure to molds can actually cause poisoning to humans.

As a homeowner, you should also properly educate yourself about molds, their nature, how they reproduce, and what you can do to prevent a possible mold infestation in your house. There are a lot of preventive measures which can stop the thriving of molds in parts of your house. Here are some of them.

If you are concerned, reach out for Mold Remediation St. Louis

Signs of mold in a home or business is a serious matter that can lead not only to insurance increasing, but health complications, and even to significant property damage. Having this problem remediated is critical for the well-being of all the home’s occupants.


When considering mold testing st louis residents can learn more about this procedure at https://priderestoration.com/ or Call Pride Cleaning & Restoration at 314.664.8844 or 618-288-2828!

Let’s Talk About Insurance & Raccoon Damage!

Protecting your home and its assets is a top priority.

Unfortunately, wild animals can threaten this predilection; especially if you live near wooded areas. Raccoons are one of the most commonly reported residential nuisance animals and have proven their ability to infiltrate, damage, or wreck homes, neighborhoods, and landscapes. There are ways to impede this occurrence using a few home remedies and some professional assistance. A little bit of dedication and knowledge is all it takes to increase the level of security and protect your property’s value. Continue reading to learn a few ways to implement home management solutions in order to put an end to nuisance raccoon infestation and invasion difficulties.

Raccoon Proofing

There is much more a homeowner can do to protect their home from raccoons; however, it involves industry expertise and equipment to properly and effectively facilitate. A great way to deter raccoons from entering your premises is to install ultrasonic animal emitters, stun lights, or other forms of automated nocturnal security devices to frighten wild animal trespassers. Professional raccoon control companies can provide and install these systems accurately, and in most cases, in just one day’s time. Also, expert raccoon control technicians retain the latest technologies and industry equipment to provide extensive inspections of roofs, siding, foundations, soffits, and more for holes and vulnerable spots. These are potential entry points for raccoons and other nuisance animals. They have the appropriate tools and supplies to patch these areas and seal them up to prevent such intrusion. Professional raccoon control specialists can also install heavy-duty screens over outdoor vents, repair holes in screened-in porches, and install screening below decks to refute raccoons from seeking shelter from rain or heat. If you live in the metro east area, try Raccoon Removal Fairview Heights!

Hiring The Company Right For You

It is highly recommended to contact professional animal control and removal services for help with raccoon control and prevention. They have the answers you need for effective and safe raccoon hindrance. A reputable and reliable company should offer free estimates, have years of experience, and be licensed in the industry. Raccoons may be smart and resourceful, but they won’t stay in areas that have little to no food or shelter. Making it difficult for them to find either of these necessities is a surefire way of getting them to leave and think twice before returning.

It’s worth the few minutes it will take to keep food and shelter away from them when you think about the immense damage they can cause to your home and maybe even to you. So follow these steps to keep raccoons away and if they are still around, give us at Frontier Wildlife Control and we will handle the rest.

How to Save Money on Car Insurance

In the past, car insurance was not a necessity, as some people went for it and some did not. However, today an auto coverage policy is one of the crucial things in your life, if you own a car. People need proper coverage, no matter how luxurious or modest their car is.

The way people buy insurance has also changed. In the past, buying a car insurance just meant to meet your neighborhood agent and ask him for it. But now, it is somewhat different, as you have got lots of other options at your disposal from where you can get your vehicle insured, with some entirely new coverage choices.

Low Value Cars are Cheaper to Insure

When I was 17 I wanted to own a Ferrari and live life in the fast lane. Even if I could have afforded the car, then I couldn’t have afforded the insurance to cover it. At 17 you are brand new to the world of driving and statistically you are more likely to make an insurance claim. Mixing high-powered cars with inexperienced drivers is not something car insurance companies are super-keen about, the chance of a claim shoots through the roof with the price of the premium following it. When you are young and inexperienced, buy a low-powered, low value car to try and keep your car insurance premium to a minimum. If it is worth less then it will cost less to fix/replace when in your youthful exuberance you crash it. The same logic actually applies to everyone, the lower the value of the vehicle and the lower the car insurance policy will be in most cases. Sports and premium cars will always cost more to repair in an accident so the insurance will reflect this. New cars now feature myriads of anti-theft and driver aids that in many cases will help to reduce the cost of insurance so keep an eye on the spec sheet when looking at a new car. A good rule of thumb is that less desirable and low value cars are cheaper to insure. After an excellent auto detailing, your low-end car can still feel like a Ferrari. Click here to learn more about auto detailing: http://autodetailsupply.pro

Use a Reputable Broker

Car insurance is very big business with around 30million+ vehicles on the UK roads, so there is a wealth of car insurance companies to choose from. Ironically, the big names you are familiar with are probably in your head because of massive marketing campaigns on television, on-line etc. Regardless of the message, those marketing campaigns need to be paid for and that means they may not actually have the best rates, although the sheer scale of some of these businesses means prices will be keen due to buying or underwriting power. The best advice is to compare a couple of different prices from different companies. Call the insurer and then call a comparable competitor and then perhaps a small car insurance broker. Each one will ask you if you have a price already and you should tell them what it is. Generally if they want the business they know what to beat. The moment you get a broker saying they can’t match the price then you are probably close to the best market price or else speaking with a broker that is not a specialist in the area.

If you’ve got a garage, use it

What are garages for? If you ask the average person they’ll probably say for storing all the kids’ toys, the home gym, bicycles, the freezer and tumble-dryer. I have news for you all; the garage is designed to house your vehicle when you are not using it. The fact that it puts a physical barrier between any opportunist thieves and your car is a real good thing and car insurance companies will recognize this and reduce your premium if you park in a garage overnight. Using your garage will save you money; it doesn’t get any easier than that.


There is no marketing more effective than St. Louis video marketing. It is the fastest growing form of marketing out there and you need to start creating internet video marketing campaigns immediately.

At one time we used to watch videos online if they were displayed in web pages. These would be on informative news sites for example and provided good value for many people.

Using internet video marketing for Health Care

Do you have a service or product that needs promotion? It has been proven when using internet video marketing for promotion purposes, the volume of subscribers you can obtain increases. This in turn leads to sales and more profit for you. This is because we all love to watch video rather than reading long text. Whatever you are promoting, you are likely to do it much better by using video.

The problem with sales copy is that it can be quite long. Really we just want to know what it is going to do for us and how much it will be. Otherwise we end up just reading a few points and scrolling right to the bottom to see the price. A video sales page however is more engaging and we are more likely to pay attention. This is how we should be using internet video marketing.

Make money with St. Louis video marketing

It’s no use having the best product around if nobody actually knows about it. For this reason alone it is worth using online video marketing in your business.

As soon as people see your website link in your video they will head over to your site. This method will help to get you more clients.

If there is an opt-in box on your site then it is possible that people will sign up. Once you have their details you can then market to them and there is a good chance they will purchase something. Some kind of subscriber list is essential even if you are using internet video marketing.

Using internet video marketing social media content is highly important as your video gets accessed by millions of people worldwide. Suddenly your video is getting lots of views and your website is in turn getting lots of hits. Using internet video marketing Facebook video content will give you a lot of leverage.

Not everyone can create a viral video easily though. You need some kind of unique twist which hooks people and makes them want to share the video. https://GetMoreClients.Pro is a leading video marketing agency that offers affordable, competitive prices and has unique content that is proven to convert material to sales. Try them out today!


Video content will help to drive your business forward. An engaging video sales page will get the viewer wanting to click through to your website.

If you are not doing it already then it is time to start using web video production in your marketing strategy.

If you don’t start then you are getting left behind and allowing the competition to get ahead of you.

If you are selling a product, do you want millions of people to watch your video or would you rather they watched a video from your competitors?


Should You Add Massage Therapy to Your Health Care Plan?

Have you considered the benefits massage therapy can bring to your body? Many people completely overlook this treatment option either due to the cost involved or because they consider it a luxury and not something they should be indulging in. It is time to change this thinking. While you may not be able to afford a massage each week, treating yourself once a month can be a great way to pamper your body and do your health good. Plus, various health care plans do cover this type of treatment, so be sure to look into your care plan to see what coverage you have
Massage therapy is a popular way of relaxation. Some may even consider this for healing pains in most body parts. The key is getting a good massage therapist who is knowledgeable on body parts and massage and this can become one of your alternative health care solutions when it comes to body pains

Benefits of massage therapy:

1. Stress Reduction. Relaxing on the table while the massage therapist goes to work is one of the best ways to take some time out and slow down your busy world.

Do you realize there are different types of massage? There are those purely for stress reduction and relaxation, and then there are deep tissue massages designed to help sore, tense muscles. Choose the appropriate one given your goals.

2. Injury Prevention. Next, massage therapy can be ideal for injury prevention purposes. If you are experiencing muscle tension and knots in any area of your body, therapy can help to work those out and as a result, contribute to reducing the occurrence of injuries down the road.

Remember, a small tight muscle today is one likely to become problematic later if not taken care of. Slowly this tightness can build and scar tissue may even form which will then lead to a lack of motion range.

3. Greater Mobility. Speaking of a range of motion, this is something else you will want to think about. Massage can help to boost flexibility by bringing more blood into the tissue area, reducing stiffness and helping you loosen up surrounding tissues.

If you feel tense and sore, this could impact your physical performance. Massage therapy can get you back on track so you can engage in the activities you enjoy.

4. Enhanced Sleep Quality. Finally, let us not forget about the sleep benefits from massage therapy. Go for one massage and you will see how deeply you sleep through that night. Since sleep is critical for optimal health, this again is a benefit to consider.

Body massages can reduce anxiety and at the same time create a sense of well-being. Regular body massages can help us improve our daily living. Regular massages can improve your overall physical and mental well-being. Click here to learn more about the benefits of massage therapy and schedule an appointment: http://bodychange.pro

Choosing Healthcare

Tips for choosing the right health care plan

With health insurance premium on the rise, it is vital to spend time to understand the options available to you in order to get the maximum coverage at the lowest price possible. If you are no longer under the employee sponsored health care plan or are looking for a new health care plan, the following tips will help you choose the right health care plan.

· Research and shop around

There are numerous resources available on the internet when it comes to choosing a health care plan. Therefore, before you take the plunge, do an extensive research on every plan that you may be interested in.

· The more the young children the more the doctor visits

According to statistics, the number of hospital and doctor visits depends on the number of children you have. This means if you have young children, consider a plan with more coverage.

· Read the brochures or health care plans your company sends

Most insurance company make amendments to their plans each year. Taking no action means you continue with the current plan which may have increased premiums or other changes that can adversely impact you. Therefore, make a point to always read through the annual open enrolment brochures and make any necessary changes before the closure of open enrolment.

· Do not buy too much insurance

Most company sponsored health care plans offer a certain level of free life insurance as well as accidental death and personal loss insurance. This is expressed as a multiple of your salary. But if you are young, energetic and health with no dependents, the free insurance will be sufficient. Conversely, if you have many dependents and have had health complications, it will be a good idea to get the maximum accident and life insurance you can get at the discounted rates.

· Know the participation status of your doctor

If you have a choice of health care plan, be sure to confirm if your doctor participates in the plan of choice to ensure that your visits are covered.

The more informed you are about health care plans, the more equipped you will be when making decision for yourself and family.”



Healthcare Comparison

We know that for many, wading through explanations of health insurance network plans to pick the right one for you can be daunting.

We will walk you through the various types of plans ‒ HMO, PPO, POS, and EPO, but before we do that, we need to go through some terms.

Here are few terms you need to know:


This is the amount you will pay each month to be covered by your chosen insurance plan.


Many plans require you to pay an amount of the cost of service before insurance pays the remainder. The amount you must pay is the deductible.


Copay is the basic fee you pay for each incident of care, such as a $20 fee for each visit to a doctor’s office. Co-insurance is a percentage of the total charges you pay for a medical cost; for example, you may be required to pay 20% of the total costs of a doctor’s


A Health Maintenance Organization allows you to see any doctor in the plan’s network or list of doctors. If your primary care doctor refers you to a specialist, that care covered. If you need emergency care at a facility not in your network, the facility must charge you what your plan would charge for similar care. However, doctors at that out-of-network facility may bill.] you.

A benefit to this plan is that you have little or no paperwork.


Under a Preferred Provider Organization you get some ability to choose your doctors and you do not need a referral to see a specialist. If you choose a doctor outside the network, you may have to pay a balance after insurance. There is little or no paperwork if you see a network doctor.


A Point of Service plan combines features of the two above plans, but gives more choice for you to select providers. You can see your doctor and any referred doctors. If you see a doctor out of the plan, you must pay the bill and then fill paperwork for reimbursement.


Under an Exclusive Provider Organization you have some freedom to choose your health care providers and you do not need referral for a specialist. If you seek treatment outside of your network list, you must pay full cost. There is little or no paperwork.

Choosing Health Insurance? What You Should Know:

There are many complications when choosing a health insurance plan. Here are three comparison tools to help you out.

-Four General Categories of Plans: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These categories show how you and your plan share costs. Plan categories have nothing to do with quality of care.

-Your total costs for health care: You pay a monthly bill to your insurance company (a “premium”), even if you don’t use medical services that month. You pay out-of-pocket costs, including a deductible, when you get care. It’s important to think about both kinds of costs when shopping for a plan.

-Plan and network types: HMO, PPO, POS, and EPO: Some plan types allow you to use almost any doctor or health care facility. Others limit your choices or charge you more if you use providers outside their network.

*This Content was referenced from a reliable government website.**

Although this content was referenced, it serves as a good purpose for topics to look forward to on this site. This site aims to give you an edge on figuring out the best healthcare insurance option for you. Affordability always plays a key role in making the decision of choosing health insurance. So, stay tuned to learn more there are special things coming.

Healthcare Insurance Comparisons

How does one compare healthcare insurance companies?

To summarize, not easily. Unfortunately, a lot goes into making a decision on which healthcare insurance provider is right for you. As much as we would like it to be, it is not one size fits all.  A few tips and factors to consider:


-Monthly Premiums

Always ask insurance provider if you are eligible to get discounts for paying early.


Decide if your insurance company has a low deductivle plan or high deductible plan. You may have to research this further on your own.

-Maximum Out-of-Pocket

Find out the maximum amount you would be required to pay out of pocket. Typically, these are larger than the deductible